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Course Descriptions

Course descriptions provided are subject to change as courses may currently be in the amending process.

Please refer to the individual school website and/or contact your student’s teacher directly for information regarding a course syllabus or supplemental novels being used in the classroom.

Course options may vary at each site. Please inquire with the individual school site for specific course offerings.



Folder AGRICULTURE (21 Files)
pdf file Adv Communications & Leadership in AG
pdf file Adv Interdisciplinary Sci for Sustainable Ag
pdf file Advanced Floral Design
pdf file Ag Building & Construction
pdf file Ag Business Communications
pdf file AG Chemistry
pdf file Ag Mechanics
pdf file Ag Mechanics
pdf file Ag Science 1 A/B (CP)
pdf file Ag Science 2 A/B (CP)
pdf file Ag Welding 1
pdf file Ag Welding 2
pdf file Agriscience & Physics
pdf file American Econ Ag
pdf file American Govt Ag
pdf file Animal Science A/B (P)
pdf file Art & History of Floral Design
pdf file Biology & Sustainable Agriculture
pdf file Chemistry and Agriscience
pdf file Integrated Ag Biology
pdf file Veterinary Science
Folder BUSINESS (12 Files)
pdf file Accounting & Finance
pdf file Adv Study of Business
pdf file Communication Technology
pdf file Computer Applications
pdf file Entrepreneurship
pdf file Gaming Technology
pdf file Intervention Thru Tech
pdf file Personal Finance
pdf file Professional Business Communication
pdf file Survey of Business
pdf file Website Programming & Design
pdf file Writing Games for Social Change
Folder ENGLISH (22 Files)
pdf file American Literature
pdf file AP English Language & Composition
pdf file AP English Literature & Composition
pdf file Bridge to English
pdf file British Literature A/B (P)
pdf file Classic Fiction & Film (P)
pdf file CSU Expository Reading & Writing (11th)
pdf file CSU Expository Reading & Writing (12th)
pdf file Debate/Forensics (P)
pdf file English 1 A/B (H)
pdf file English 1 A/B (P)
pdf file English 2 A/B (H)
pdf file English 2 A/B (P)
pdf file English 3 A/B (P)
pdf file English 4 A/B
pdf file Integrated Marketing & English (P)
pdf file Introduction to Literature A/B (H)
pdf file Introduction to Literature A/B (P)
pdf file Journalism 1 A/B (P)
pdf file Journalism 2 A/B (P)
pdf file Mexican American & Latina/o Lit
pdf file Practical English 4 A/B
pdf file Apparel Construction & Design 1
pdf file Apparel Construction & Design 2
pdf file Child and Family
pdf file Child Development
pdf file Culinary Arts 1
pdf file Culinary Arts 2
pdf file Developmental Pyschology of Children A/B
pdf file Fashion Design
pdf file Independent Living & Health
pdf file Interior Design A/B
pdf file Intro to FCS & Health A/B
pdf file Relationship & Family Health (A-G)
pdf file Survey of Family Consumer Science
Folder INDUSTRIAL ARTS (16 Files)
pdf file Advanced Auto
pdf file Advanced Engineering & Tech
pdf file Advanced Small Gas Engines
pdf file Architectual Drawing 1 A/B
pdf file Auto Fundamentals
pdf file Electronics 1 A/B
pdf file Electronics 2 A/B
pdf file Foundations of Technology & Engineering
pdf file Furniture Construction A/B
pdf file Graphic Arts A/B
pdf file Industrial Technology Advanced Studies
pdf file Mechanical Drawing 1 A/B
pdf file Robotics
pdf file Small Gas Engines
pdf file Wood
pdf file Wood Tech
pdf file AP Spanish Language & Culture A/B
pdf file AP Spanish Literature & Culture A/B
pdf file Cine y Teatro
pdf file French 1 A/B
pdf file French 2 A/B
pdf file French 3 A/B
pdf file French 4 A/B
pdf file Identity & Culture for Span Speakers 3
pdf file Spanish 1 A/B
pdf file Spanish 2 A/B
pdf file Spanish 3 A/B
pdf file Spanish 4 A/B (H)
pdf file Spanish For Spanish Speakers 1 A/B (P)
pdf file Spanish for Spanish Speakers 2 A/B (P)
Folder MATHEMATICS (22 Files)
pdf file 2 Year Algebra 1 A/B
pdf file 2 Year Algebra 1 C/D (P)
pdf file Accelerated Algebra 2
pdf file Algebra 1 A/B (P)
pdf file Algebra 2 A/B (P)
pdf file AP Calculus A
pdf file AP Calculus B
pdf file AP Statistics A/B
pdf file Geometry A/B
pdf file Interactive Math Pro Crs 1 A (P)
pdf file Interactive Math Pro Crs 1 B (P)
pdf file Interactive Math Pro Crs 2 A (P)
pdf file Interactive Math Pro Crs 2 B (P)
pdf file Interactive Math Pro Crs 3 (P)
pdf file Intermediate Geometry
pdf file Math Analysis (H)
pdf file Math Analysis (P)
pdf file Math Analysis CPM (P)
pdf file Pre Algebra A
pdf file Pre Algebra A
pdf file Pre Algebra B
pdf file Pre Algebra B
pdf file Beginning Dance A/B
pdf file Elementary Physical Education
pdf file PE 10-12
pdf file PE Course 1
pdf file PE Course 2
pdf file PE Course 3 Aerobic
pdf file PE Course 3 Aquatic
pdf file PE Course 3 Weight Training & Fitness
pdf file PE Course 4 Adv Weight Training & Fitness
Folder SCIENCE (24 Files)
pdf file Advanced Geology A/B (P)
pdf file AP Biology A/B
pdf file AP Chemistry A/B
pdf file AP Environmental Science A/B
pdf file Biology A/B (H)
pdf file Biology A/B (P)
pdf file Biology: The Living Earth
pdf file Chemistry A/B (P) @
pdf file Chemistry in the Earth Systems
pdf file Earth Science A/B
pdf file Emergency Medical Responder
pdf file Environmental Science-SC6633/SC6634
pdf file Forensic Science A/B
pdf file Forensic Science-SC3055/SC3056
pdf file General Science A/B (P)
pdf file Geology A/B
pdf file Lab Tech (Science)
pdf file Life Science A/B
pdf file Marine Science (P)
pdf file Medical Assisting Foundation
pdf file Physical Science Skills
pdf file Physics A/B (P)
pdf file Physiology Anatomy A/B (P)
pdf file ROP Sports Medicine Kinesiology
Folder SOCIAL SCIENCE (12 Files)
pdf file Ethnic and Social Justice in American Government
pdf file AP United States History A/B
pdf file AP World History
pdf file Chicano & Latino Studies
pdf file Ethnic & Social Justice in Modern Wld Hist
pdf file Ethnic & Social Justice US History A/B
pdf file Leadership Asb A/B
pdf file Modern World History A/B (P)
pdf file Sociology A/B
pdf file United States Government (P)
pdf file United States History A
pdf file United States History B
pdf file 3-D Dimensional Design A/B
pdf file Advanced Video Productions & Filmaking (ROP)
pdf file AP Art Studio
pdf file Art 1A (P)
pdf file Art 1B (P)
pdf file Band (Beginning)
pdf file Band - Intermediate A/B
pdf file Beginning Piano A/B
pdf file Choral A/B
pdf file Chorus
pdf file Digital Arts 1 A/B
pdf file Digital Arts 2 A/B
pdf file Drama 1A
pdf file Drama 1B
pdf file Guitar
pdf file Intermediate Drawing A
pdf file Intermediate Drawing B
pdf file Intermediate Guitar
pdf file Introduction to Art A
pdf file Introduction to Art B
pdf file Introduction to Film & Video Productions
pdf file Jazz Choir A/B (P)
pdf file Jazz Ensemble A/B
pdf file Madrigals A/B
pdf file Magazine Design & Publication
pdf file Music History A (P)
pdf file Music History B (P)
pdf file Music Theory A/B
pdf file Painting A
pdf file Painting B
pdf file Photography 1A
pdf file Photography 1B
pdf file Photography 2A
pdf file Photography 2B
pdf file Publications A
pdf file Publications B
pdf file Screenwriting
pdf file Theater History
pdf file Theatre Arts 1
pdf file Theatre Arts 2A/2B
pdf file Vasrsity Choir A/B

NONDISCRIMINATION POLICY: The Santa Maria Joint Union High School District is committed to ensuring equal, fair, and meaningful access to employment and education services. The SMJUHSD does not discriminate in any employment practice, education program, or educational activity on the basis and/or association with a person or group with one or more of these actual or perceived characteristics of age, ancestry, color, disability, ethnicity, ethnic group identifications, gender, gender identity, gender expression, genetic information, marital, family or parental status, medical condition, military or veteran status, nationality, national origin, immigration status, political affiliation, pregnancy and related conditions, race, religion, retaliation, sex (including sexual harassment), sexual orientation, or any other basis prohibited by California state and federal nondiscrimination laws respectively. Not all bases of discrimination will apply to both education services and employment. If you believe you have been subjected to discrimination, harassment, intimidation, or bullying, immediately contact the District’s Discrimination, Equity and Title IX Compliance Officer Mr. Kevin R. Platt at 2560 Skyway Drive, Santa Maria, CA 93455, (805) 922-4573 or You may request a copy of SMJUHSD’s Uniform Complaint Procedures, Non-Discrimination Policies, Sexual Harassment Policies or click here.

Los programas, las actividades, las prácticas y el empleo de SMJUHSD prohíben la discriminación, incluido el acoso discriminatorio, la intimidación y el acoso por motivos de raza o etnia, color, ascendencia, nacionalidad, origen nacional, identificaciones de grupo étnico, edad, religión, matrimonio, familia o padres reales o percibidos. estado, discapacidad física o mental, sexo, orientación sexual, género, identidad de género, expresión de género o información genética o asociación con una persona o grupo con una o más de estas características reales o percibidas. Si cree que ha sido objeto de discriminación, acoso, intimidación o acoso, comuníquese de inmediato con el Oficial de Discriminación, Equidad y Cumplimiento del Título IX del Distrito, el Sr.Kevin R. Platt en 2560 Skyway Drive, Santa Maria, CA 93455, (805) 922 -4573 o<>. Puede solicitar una copia de los Procedimientos uniformes de quejas, las políticas de no discriminación, las políticas de acoso sexual de SMJUHSD .