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Folder Benefit Plans (22 Files)
pdf file 1. 2020 CalPERS Benefit Plan Summary
pdf file 2. 2020 CalPERS Plan Contact Info
pdf file 3. 2020 CalPERS Certificated Plan Rates
pdf file 4. 2020 Anthem Traditional HMO Summary of Benefits
pdf file 5. 2020 Blue Shield HMO Summary of Benefits
pdf file 6. 2020 CalPERS Care Summary of Benefits
pdf file 7. 2020 CalPERS Choice Summary of Benefits
pdf file 8. 2020 CalPERS Select Summary of Benefits
pdf file 9. 2020 UnitedHealthCare Summary of Benefits
pdf file 1. 2019-20 Classified Health Plan Rates
pdf file 2. Classified 100%-D $20: RX 9-35
pdf file 3. Classified 90%-C $30; RX 9-35
pdf file 4. Classified 80%-G $20; RX 9-35
pdf file 5. Classified 80%-J $30; RX 9-35
pdf file 6. Classified 80%-L $30; RX 15-50
pdf file 7. Classifed Base Plan (70-MVP)
pdf file 1. 2019-20 Mgmt/Conf Health Plan Rates
pdf file 2. MGMT 100%-A $20; RX 9-35
pdf file 3. MGMT 90%-C $30; RX 9-35
pdf file 4. MGMT 80%-G $30; RX 10-35
pdf file 5. MGMT 80%-M $40; RX 10-35
pdf file WRAP SPD 2019
Folder Employee Notifications (2 Files)
pdf file Employee Notifications Booklet 2019-20
Folder Forms (17 Files)
pdf file Application for Transfer
pdf file Beneficiary Designation of Final Paycheck
pdf file Life Insurance Enrollment Form
pdf file MetLife ADD Enrollment Form
pdf file Certificated Grievance Form
pdf file Classified Evaluation Form
pdf file Classified Grievance Form
pdf file Personal Information Form (change of address or name)
pdf file Reclassification Request Form
pdf file Request to transport students 2020-2021
pdf file Volunteer Request 2020-2021
pdf file 457(b) Enrolllment Form
pdf file Futuris Annual Report
pdf file TSA 403(b) Roth Salary Reduction Agreement
pdf file TSA 403(b) Salary Reduction & Allocation Agreement
pdf file Employee & Supervisor`s Industrial Incident Report
pdf file Statement of On-The-Job Injury / Witness Statement
Folder Payroll Calendar (1 Files)
pdf file 19-20 Payroll Calendar
Folder Salary Schedules (11 Files)
pdf file Contract, Superintendent-Addendum 2017
pdf file Contract, Superintendent-Addendum 2016
pdf file Contract, Superintendent-Addendum 2014
pdf file Contract, Superintendent
pdf file Contract, Asst Supt Curriculum
pdf file Contract, Asst Supt Human Resources
pdf file Contract, Asst Supt Business Services
pdf file 2019-20 Certificated Salary Schedule
pdf file 2019-20 Classified Salary Schedule
pdf file 2019-20 Confidential Salary Schedule
pdf file 2019-20 Management Salary Schedule
Folder Typing Certificate Information (1 Files)
pdf file Typing certificate info
Folder Certificated Job Descriptions (43 Files)
pdf file Activities Director
pdf file Adaptive PE
pdf file Assistant Athletic Director
pdf file Assistant Principal
pdf file Assistant Supt. Curriculum/Instruction
pdf file Assistant Supt. Human Resources
pdf file Athletic Director
pdf file AVID
pdf file Cheerleader Advisor
pdf file Counselor
pdf file Dance Team Advisor
pdf file Dean of Special Education
pdf file Department Head
pdf file Department Head/Counseling
pdf file Director of Career Technical Education
pdf file Director of MMEP
pdf file Director of Special Education
pdf file Director of Student Services
pdf file EL Academic Support Specialist
pdf file EL Coordinator
pdf file FOL Co-Leader
pdf file FOL Coordinator
pdf file Grant Coordinator CTEIG
pdf file Head Coach/Varsity
pdf file Home School
pdf file Independent Study
pdf file LCFF Coordinator
pdf file Mental Health Specialist
pdf file Migrant TOSA
pdf file Nurse
pdf file On Track Credit Recovery
pdf file Principal
pdf file Psychologist
pdf file Psychologist/Day Treatment Program
pdf file Science TOSA
pdf file Special Ed Coordinator
pdf file Special Ed CTE Mild/Mod
pdf file Special Ed Mild/Mod
pdf file Special Ed Mod/Severe
pdf file Special Ed Resource
pdf file Speech Therapist
pdf file Teacher
pdf file Technology TOSA
Folder Certificated Substitute Resources (1 Files)
pdf file 2019-20 Substitute Teacher Handbook
Folder FA Contract (1 Files)
pdf file 2018-2021 SMJUHSD Collective Bargaining Agreement 3.29.19 into the FA contract (replacing the 2015-18 Agreement)
Folder Classified Job Descriptions (109 Files)
pdf file Accompanist
pdf file Accountant - C
pdf file Accountant I
pdf file Accounting Assistant I
pdf file Accounting Assistant II
pdf file Administrative Assistant - Student Services
pdf file Administrative Assistant - Technology
pdf file Administrative Assistant - Testing
pdf file Administrative Assistant I-DHS
pdf file Administrative Assistant I-SSC
pdf file Administrative Assistant II - School Site
pdf file Administrative Assistant II-SSC
pdf file Administrative Assistant III-DHS
pdf file Administrative Assistant III-SSC
pdf file Administrative Assistant IV-School Site
pdf file Administrative Assistant V-SSC
pdf file Administrative Assistant-Human Resources, Confidential
pdf file Attendance Assistant
pdf file Attendance Technician
pdf file Behavior Inst Asst (BIA) - Special Education
pdf file Benefits Technician
pdf file Bus Driver
pdf file Bus Driver Instructor
pdf file Buyer
pdf file Campus Security Assistant
pdf file Campus Security Assistant II
pdf file Campus Security Coordinator
pdf file Campus Security Officer-DHS
pdf file Career Center Specialist
pdf file Career Center Student Sup Tech - DHS
pdf file Career Center Technician
pdf file Carpenter/Welder
pdf file Child Care Assistant
pdf file Community Services Center Specialist
pdf file Computer Lab Technician
pdf file Computer Network Technician I
pdf file Computer Network Technician II
pdf file Computer Technician
pdf file Crisis Intervention Consultant
pdf file Custodial Supervisor
pdf file Custodian
pdf file Data Specialist
pdf file Electrician
pdf file Executive Assistant to the Superintendent
pdf file Facilities Bookkeeper
pdf file Fiscal Technician
pdf file Food Service Lead
pdf file Food Service Worker I
pdf file Food Service Worker II
pdf file Grounds Maintenance I
pdf file Grounds Maintenance II
pdf file Guidance Technician
pdf file Health Technician
pdf file Human Resources Technician
pdf file Instructional Assistant
pdf file Instructional Assistant-Bilingual
pdf file Instructional Assistant-Multilingual
pdf file Instructional Assistant-Special Ed TLC - Level I
pdf file Instructional Assistant-Special Education I
pdf file Instructional Assistant-Special Education II
pdf file Intervention Lab Specialist
pdf file Job Coach
pdf file Language Assessment Assistant I
pdf file LCAP Specialist
pdf file Lead Maintenance
pdf file Lead Mechanic
pdf file Lead Warehouse Worker
pdf file Library Assistant
pdf file Library Technician
pdf file LVN Health Assistant
pdf file Maintenance I
pdf file Maintenance II
pdf file Mechanic
pdf file Migrant Bilingual Statistician
pdf file Migrant Education Recruiter-Statistician
pdf file Migrant Health Assistant
pdf file Migrant Program Assistant
pdf file Migrant School Advisor
pdf file Multi Media Lab Technician
pdf file Multilingual & Migrant Education Programs Analyst
pdf file Multilingual Translator-Interpreter
pdf file Network Operations Coordinator
pdf file Network Systems Specialist
pdf file Office Assistant
pdf file Operations Specialist-Alternative Ed
pdf file Outreach Consultant
pdf file Painter
pdf file Payroll & Benefits Spec
pdf file Personnel Technician-Certificated
pdf file Plumber
pdf file Program Resource Technician
pdf file Program Specialist
pdf file Project Analyst
pdf file Purchasing Technician
pdf file Reading Center Technician
pdf file Registrar I
pdf file Registrar II
pdf file School Support Secretary
pdf file School/Community Liaison
pdf file Security Officer
pdf file Staff Secretary
pdf file Student Body Bookkeeper
pdf file Student Data Specialist
pdf file Student Information Systems Analyst
pdf file Transition Specialist
pdf file Translator-Interpreter
pdf file Transportation Attendant
pdf file Transportation Service Technician
pdf file Warehouse Worker
Folder CSEA Contract (4 Files)
pdf file 2019-2022 CSEA Labor Agreement
pdf file TA CSEA Work Calendars 2020-21
pdf file TA CSEA Work Calendars 2019-20
pdf file TA CSEA Work Calendar 2018-19

NONDISCRIMINATION POLICY: The Santa Maria Joint Union High School District is committed to ensuring equal, fair, and meaningful access to employment and education services. The SMJUHSD does not discriminate in any employment practice, education program, or educational activity on the basis and/or association with a person or group with one or more of these actual or perceived characteristics of age, ancestry, color, disability, ethnicity, ethnic group identifications, gender, gender identity, gender expression, genetic information, marital, family or parental status, medical condition, military or veteran status, nationality, national origin, immigration status, political affiliation, pregnancy and related conditions, race, religion, retaliation, sex (including sexual harassment), sexual orientation, or any other basis prohibited by California state and federal nondiscrimination laws respectively. Not all bases of discrimination will apply to both education services and employment. If you believe you have been subjected to discrimination, harassment, intimidation, or bullying, immediately contact the District’s Discrimination, Equity and Title IX Compliance Officer Mr. Kevin R. Platt at 2560 Skyway Drive, Santa Maria, CA 93455, (805) 922-4573 or You may request a copy of SMJUHSD’s Uniform Complaint Procedures, Non-Discrimination Policies, Sexual Harassment Policies or click here.