ERHS Student Accepted to Johns Hopkins University

ERHS Student Accepted to Johns Hopkins University

Righetti High School’s Benjamin Choi has been accepted to Johns Hopkins University where he will fulfill a lifetime goal of studying medicine.

Choi plans to become a neurosurgeon/neuroscientist and conduct clinical research on the side. Choi, who has a 4.93 GPA, received multiple scholarships to help pay for the experience.

“Johns Hopkins University has always been my dream school,’’ Choi said. “I have been planning to apply to Hopkins since my freshman year. Among many other factors, Johns Hopkins stood out to me in particular because of its exceptional research and premed culture. In addition to having the greatest annual university research funding in the nation for ten consecutive years, Hopkins also holds the title of having the largest proportion of its undergraduate students applying to medical school. I believe that Hopkins is the perfect environment for me to develop the necessary skillset and education to achieve my career endeavors.’’

Choi applied as a neuroscience major but hopes to eventually double major in neuroscience and chemical and biomolecular engineering.

“I have always held a deep fascination with the nervous system and the variety of interesting psychological and motor problems that may arise from complications to the brain and nerves,’’ Choi added. “In addition, I don't want to live my life in a normal, boring 9-5 office job. I believe that medicine and neuroscience would be a very challenging and rewarding field and I can think of no other career that would be more rewarding or more effective at satisfying both my intellectual hunger and my need for challenge than dedicating my life to the most complex mechanism known to man, the last frontier of the biological sciences: the human brain.”

A few of the young Warrior’s activities included volunteer work at my local dementia home, an internship at YouthWell, STEM Club, Key Club, MITES Semester (MOSTEC), Interact Club, Warrior Writer's Club, etc.

“Academic scholar, leader, and volunteer: these are all qualities of Benjamin Choi. I have known Benjamin for four years as his school counselor and it is my honor to be able to boast about his character. Benjamin excels in the most rigorous courses Righetti offers. Not only is Benjamin number 1 in his class of 586 seniors, but he has also exceeded in all the AP courses and concurrent enrollment classes offered at Righetti. Benjamin will no doubt be awarded scholarships soon since many are pending such as: The Gates Scholarship (semi-finalist) and he is a National Merit Scholar (Semi-finalist) and the Elks Scholarship. Regardless of these prestigious awards, I am extremely proud of this young man. Benjamin is one of the most inspiring and tenacious students I have ever met in my career.’’ – Warrior School Counselor Julie Utterback.

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