SMHS Hosts Mental Health Awareness Week

SMHS Mental Health Awareness

May 18, 2022

The Santa Maria High School Counseling Team hosted Mental Health Awareness Week for students, staff, and parents.

The counselors offered a variety of events during lunch and after school (5-9 to 5-13). The week’s activities included practicing self-care, making de-stress balls, workouts, and yoga. On the last day, students were given journals and staff received flowers.

“Mental health affects all aspects of our lives especially for our students coming out of the pandemic,’’ said Saint School Counselor Maria Fruge. “Our counseling team decided to share activities with students that can help them de-stress and/or cope and work through daily situations. We were also able to share de-stressing activities with our teachers and emailed resources to our parents. Students enjoyed the daily activities, and we hope to continue to bring awareness to the importance of mental health and break through the negative stigma about mental health.’’

Saint English Teacher Suzanne Rocco described the week as “refreshing and energizing.

“There were so many fun, interactive and educational activities for both students and teachers,’’ Rocco added. “Students were introduced to an assortment of mental health and wellness topics, resources, and tools. It was delightful to see the many smiles on students’ and staffs’ faces throughout the week.’’

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