PVHS Students Produce Extended Play Musical Recording

PVHS VPA Students

PVHS Songwriting & Production/VPA students have produced the first ever Fall Extended Play (EP) musical recording, showcasing students' artistic expression through words, melody, rhythm, harmony, form, and timbre.

The Fall EP, “Joyful, Joyful,” contains lyrics and instrumental compositions. It was recorded with the most current music composing and editing software, very similar to what is currently used in professional music studios. The project was completed on school tablets, with advance production on the school Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs).

The students were in full control of the musicality from start to finish.

“Getting to work with others and to collaborate on an EP for the first time was a fun experience." – Aidann Felix, 9th.

"What I liked the most was learning about these new tools to use and experiment with to create music." – Gabriel Candelario, 12th.

“Students need to have a curriculum that allows them to be "hands on" and learn the process of creating a song. I think the project gave the students an opportunity to understand the importance of teamwork, as well as the time it takes to put all together. Hopefully, their experience will be the inspiration and motivation to continue their education down the line in the industry. I want my students to experience the process of producing and recording music, from the early stages to the final stages. I am very proud of their storytelling and artistry." – PV Music Instructor Richard Hernandez

An Extended Play musical recording contains more tracks than a single (4-5 tracks), but fewer than a full album or LP record.

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