SMJUHSD Student Leaders Visit Feeder Schools

Feeder School Visits

SMJUHSD student representatives have been showcasing extracurricular clubs and programs at feeder schools to ensure incoming students are familiar with the options available once they start high school.

During the last several weeks, PVHS, SMHS and RHS students have visited six junior high schools including Orcutt, Lakeview, Arellanes, Fesler, Tommie Kunst and Kermit McKenzie. They have highlighted activities including AVID, ASB, FFA, band, ballet folklorico, athletics, cheer, engineering, art clubs, and many more.

High School Readiness Liaison, Natallie De Leija, believes students involved in extracurriculars do better academically.

“Every school has their own version of freshman welcome night, however, I wanted to make it more intimate and visit the incoming students on their campus,’’ De Leija added. “This is also great exposure to the other grade levels so they can also become excited about their future in high school. The more we can make students feel connected, the more at ease they will be in their transition to high school.”

The next outreach will occur at Arellanes Junior High School in May.

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