Course Adoption

New Course:

Please refer to the New Course Form listed below for complete directions when creating new courses.

Concurrent Courses:
Refer to Concurrent Course Form.

Course Revisions/Title changes: 
Refer to the Course Revision/Title Change Form.

(IMPORTANT: A course title change will modify the course name on the transcript of students who already took the  course. The new course name will appear instead of the course name it had at the time the course was taken)


A-G Submissions:
If you would like to submit a district course for A-G approval, please submit a Course Revision form to the Curriculum Dept. Click below to access A-G information.


CTE Courses: 
In addition to the Course Adoption or Revision Form, CTE courses also require a CTE Course Outline. Please click on the hyperlink below to access the website to build the outline. An informational PDF is also provided.