Every student succeeds and is prepared for college, career, and life.

We prepare all learners to become productive citizens and college/career ready by providing challenging learning experiences and establishing high expectations for achievement.

Overarching Goal
To prepare all our students to be ready for success in higher education and/or a career with significant growth potential. 

Belief Statement

  • All students are capable of meeting and exceeding the adopted state standards and graduating from our schools prepared for college or a career.
  • The quality of instruction and relationships in our classrooms are the key to student learning.
  • All stakeholders should work collaboratively at school and district levels to produce high quality teaching and learning.
  • All stakeholders must focus on creating community-centric conditions which support student success and continuous improvement for all.
  • We must provide a safe and well maintained learning environment for our students and staff.
  • Students and staff are accountable for student success and remain committed to continuous improvement.
  • Effective leadership is a major contributor to student success.


Student Profile

  • A student who graduates from our District will be able to demonstrate the following characteristics:
  • Seeks Knowledge and Understanding
  • Thinks Critically and Solves Problems
  • Listens and Communicates Effectively
  • Uses Technology as a Tool
  • Interacts Effectively with Others
  • Exhibits Strong Personal Qualities
  • College/Career Ready 

Core Values

  • Integrity
  • Collaborative
  • Responsible
  • Respect
  • Communications
  • Commitment

Goal One—Conditions of Learning

SMJUHSD is committed to creating the conditions of learning which support high quality teaching and learning.  Our focus will be on these four critical areas:

  • Hiring and retaining a high quality staff committed to continuous improvement.
  • Maintaining the fiscal solvency of the district and the physical infrastructures which support teaching and learning.
  • Strengthening the use of technology to support teaching and learning at school and home.
  • Providing strong professional development opportunities for our teachers, administrators, classified staff, and other employees.

Goal Two—Student Outcomes

SMJUHSD will implement the curriculum and instructional strategies which prepare all our students to be ready for success in college and career upon graduation.  To do so requires that we have:

  • A consistent course sequence in all our schools that helps our students meet A-G requirements or the equivalent course that will prepare them for higher education.
  • Implement the curriculum and instructional strategies all our students require to meet the Common Core and new science standards.
    Provided support to our ELL so that they meet the rigorous achievement standards established by the district.

Goal Three—Engagement

SMJUHSD will develop and implement successful strategies for engaging all our students in the learning process and our parents and community in supporting their success.  To do this requires that we: 

  • Implement instructional strategies which engage students in their learning.
  • Employ effective strategies that enable us to communicate effectively, clearly, and respectfully with students, parents, and community.
  • Strengthen and grow the arts and co-curricular activities that engage students in common activities which support academic success, teamwork, and appreciation for diversity.
  • Strengthen our partnerships with higher education and community groups.

Strategic Planning Process

In January 2015, the Santa Maria Joint Union High School District convened the Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) Committee for the purpose of revision and alignment the district’s strategic plan to the LCAP and to provide recommendations to district staff for the creation of the 2015-2016 Local Control Accountability Plan.

The committee was comprised of 46 stakeholders representing parents, students, teachers, staff, administration, community groups, partner school districts, and DLAC/Migrate Parent Groups. The committee recommended revisions to the strategic goals that would facilitate alignment with the three state mandated areas of focus in the LCAP: Conditions of Learning, Student Outcomes, and Engagement.  This information was consolidated by facilitator, James Brown, and redistributed to the committee for input. The revised Santa Maria Joint Union High School District Strategic Plan was then approved by the Board of Education on June 9th, 2015.

Strategic Planning Team Members

Community Members:  Brian Zimmerman, SM Bonita; Deborah Blow, Superintendent of the Orcutt School District; Edwin Weaver, Fighting Back Santa Maria Valley; Britt Stanley, UCSB; Steve Delira, SBCEO; Jon Margerum-Leys, Cal Poly State University; Tony Bauer, ROP Director/SBCEO; Teresa Reyburn, City of Santa Maria, Julie Lopez, Guadalupe School District; Doug Brown, Blochman School District

Parents:  Zenaida Herrera/SMHS; Susana Gonzalez/PVHS; Benito Lopez/PVHS; Jose Rojas/SMHS; Martha Herrera/ERHS; Carmela Rodriguez/SMHS; Rafaela Moreno/SMHS; Christine Reade/ERHS; Stephanie Wells/PVHS; Maria Gomez/DHS

Students:  Janet Cruz-Reyes/SMHS; Jonah Mau/PVHS; Alexis Brito/DHS; Kyler Corral/ERHS

SMJUHSD District Members: Dr. Mark Richardson,  Superintendent; Yolanda Ortiz, Asst. Sup’t of Business Services;  Tracy Marsh, Asst. Sup’t of Human Resources;  John Davis, Asst. Sup’t of Curriculum & Instruction; Steve Molina, LCFF Task Force Coordinator; Maria Larios-Horton, Director of  Multilingual and Migrant Education Programs; Frances Evans, Director of Special Education Services/ 504 Coordinator;  Shanda Herrera, Principal of PVHS; Karen Rotondi, Principal of ERHS;  Joe Domingues, Principal of SMHS; Esther Prieto-Chavez, Principal of DHS; Krista Ballard, District/CSEA; Vicki Dirkes, ERHS/CSEA; Stacia Malm, ERHS/CSEA; Sylvia Ojeda, District/CSEA; Mark Goodman, ERHS/CTA; Patti Peinado, PVHS/CTA; Tanya Guiremand, SMHS/CTA; Steve Wagner, ERHS/CTA